As a symbol of reunification after Corona, the staff of the Lufthansa Orchestra, in a hangar, play an arrangement
of the Morning Mood from Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite. The film is the emotional prelude to the campaign.


We stage the core competence of Lufthansa: Bringing people together. ​Friends, family, business partners, loved ones – but also the dedicated people of Lufthansa themselves.​
We do so by telling short, emotional stories without many words, always closing with the Hashtag #TogetherAgain​

#TogetherAgain Restartkampagne /Concept/Logo/Key-Art/Motion Design.
Lufthansa/ Jörg Dittmann – Lorenz Ritter – Fabian Frese  Regie: Alex Schiller DOP:Tim Höddinghaus – 27km